Bowmanville Garden Allotments

Our first event

The Open House at the Garnet B. Rickard Complex, January 18, 2012.  From the left:  Sher Leetooze, Bill Heathcote and Reid Campbell.

A visit to Pickering

At Seedy Saturday, February 4, 2012 - from the left:  Bill Heathcote, Reid Campbell.  We were pleased to find out that people all over the Durham Region had been hearing about the Bowmanville Allotments!  We met a lot of people and found a lot of support for the project.

The Allotment in Winter

Geese enjoying the Allotment during our "big storm" in February, 2012 Every now and then they would stand up out of the snow and flap the snow off their wings and backs, have a gab with their neighbour, then hunker back down for another while.  I wonder if they'll come to visit us when we finally get out on the allotment?




Just waiting for Mother Nature to warm up the soil and we're off to the races! 

photo taken by Sher, April 13/12








Robins hop

Cherries bloom

Time for allotments

Plenty of room!!!!


sign up today!


Sher, Reid, Bill

 See you out on the allotments!!

Grand Opening - April 28, 2012

Gardener, Bobby Jo and her son help Bill Heathcote and Sher Leetooze mark off garden plots at the grand opening. 








Councillor Willie Woo and prospective gardener Bob chat with Sher about the allotments.








Councillor Ron Hooper visited the allotments to congratulate the committee on a job well done!  Here he is discussing the allotments with Sher.





Willie Woo, Municipal Councillor with part of the committee, Bill Heathcote and Sher Leetooze.  At the left side is gardener Bobby Jo and her son, and on the right is prospective gardener Bob.



Just about noon hour the site was packed with people, unfortunately, the committee was either helping prospective gardeners find a plot they liked, or were staking and marking plots to fill the needs of all comers, so no one was free to take photos! Fortunately though, it was a super day weatherwise and 20 gardeners signed up for plots. Congratulations everyone for being part of this very successful event!

For another photo and an article about the allotments please see Clarington This Week online at:

Unfortunately this link doesn't go directly to the article, so put "bowmanville allotments" in the search box. (without quote marks)