Bowmanville Garden Allotments


At least once a quarter, or whenever I have time, I will be producing a newsletter all about the allotments, what is going on out there, and what is going to happen out there!  There will be some gardening hints, and some real-life learning experiences retold!  If you have a suggestion for an article, or you have photos of your own garden or allotment plot - send them to the editor.



Bowmanville Garden Allotments
Annual Report for 2012
 * February, March and April were busy marketing and promotion months for the allotments.  Bill, Reid and Sher manned many booths.

* Land plowed and harrowed early April

*Garden opening where 25 gardeners signed up

*August open house where allotments were awarded a certificate of
CONGRATULATIONS from Councillors Ron Hooper and Willie Woo.

* Six new gardeners signed up at the August Open House. Some even put in a late
crop of beets and carrots.

* two newsletters were issued - spring and summer.

* Scott Young’s wife, Pauline Garvey, nominated us for CLARINGTON BLOOMS.  We received an honourable mention and a certificate.

* The executive continued to hold short meetings during the season to make sure
all issues were continually addressed.  Their last executive meeting was held the
second week of December to set a date for the Annual General Meeting.

*Everyone is looking forward to getting back on the land.  Only two gardeners
have left us so far, but plans are under way to welcome new members.

*For those who have not done so please visit the website: 



Thanks to all the gardeners and sponsors who helped bring this idea to a successful beginning!  May we have many more years at this site.

Sher Leetooze, Chair person

OUT ON THE ALLOTMENT      Vol. 1        No. 1    spring 2012

Saturday, April 28th will be the GRAND OPENING of the Bowmanville Allotment Gardens.  Located south of the Cemetery, on Haines Street (formerly Cemetery Road) at the east end of town, the allotments will be formally opened at NOON.  Come choose your plot! 

Leading up to the grand opening we have been trying to keep the ALLOTMENTS in the public eye, so  as many people as possible can be made aware of this wonderful community initiative and resource. The photo here shows our latest endeavour at the Clarington Spring Home and Garden Show at the Garnet Rickard Centre the 14th and 15th of April.  Lots of gardeners turned up and learned about the allotments.

Below is a photo of the site now.  It has recently been plowed and it's ready for us to 'get gardening'.

If you have any questions about the allotments please contact one of the committee:

Sher      Bill        Reid

or see the other pages of this website by clicking the tabs at the top of this page

See you all on the 28th!!

OUT ON THE ALLOTMENT                VOL 1,  NO 2, SUMMER 2012

Newsletter of the Bowmanville Garden Allotments

VOLUME1,NUMBER2                                                        SUMMER 2012

This has been a GREAT growing season - we could have used more rain, but.... all in all the garden plots at the Allotment are looking pretty good!
It is hard to believe that in just 2 ½ months the site has gone from this.....
to this....

 Wonderful!  Isn’t it!!

To celebrate our first growing season, and to let everyone see what we’ve been able to accomplish through the support of our sponsors, we are hosting  
It will be held July 29th, 10 am to 2 pm at the allotment site just east of Bowmanville along Highway #2, and south at the Cemetery on Haines Street.

Come and see what has been happening there! And bring anyone you know who is interested in gardening.

The gardeners have held their first group meeting, and besides organizing the Summer Open House, plans were started for a Fall Harvest Festival (you’ll hear more about that later!)  A number of gardeners have jumped in to assist our site manager, Reid Campbell, and others to take on tasks on the committee.  Our first group meeting was very successful.  

Bryan Las will be our new webmaster in the fall.  Watch the website for improvements!

Sponsors are continuing to come forward, so the committee has been able to purchase a battery operated weed-eater to help keep the weeds under control between the plots and along the pathways.  We are shopping for a good price on a rototiller so we can keep unused plots clear of weeds too.

To all our sponsors, a great big THANK YOU!  Without your support we could not have accomplished any of this!

See you all on July 29th!


This newsletter is sponsored by:          
Sher Leetooze and her books
Companion Planting
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To see the other pages on this website - click the tabs at the top of the page.  For information about the allotments, please e-mail:   

                            Sher          Bill             Reid